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PartyPal is an online wholesaler of party accessories and occasional articles

PartyPal is still developing internet wholesaler, where you will find all the necessary elements of the setting of special events and celebrations. It can be a birthday, wedding, baby shower, one year old, New Years Eve or any anniversary, among others. And also parties like Halloween, Valentine's Day and pretty much anything you can think of. Our company is B2B storewhich means that our offer is directed only to business entities. Our clients are most often restaurants, wedding houses, catering, catering or event companies. We sell table decorations, interiors, rooms, gardens and even church interiors. What distinguishes us from other such wholesalers is the really high quality and aesthetics of our range at a reasonable price. Thanks to them, so far many events have provided their participants with unique, unforgettable impressions. This is evidenced primarily by the opinions of our satisfied and returning customers. We cordially invite you to join them. We approach each contractor individually. We guarantee professional service of your order and instant shipping. We only sell wholesale.

PartyPal offers decorations for banquet and ballrooms, an offer for companies and restaurants, B2B shop

PartyPal articles, party accessories and occasional articles is a place where you will find a wide selection of gadgets for various occasions. Thanks to them, every birthday, party or other celebration will be simply unforgettable. We believe that the right decor and setting have a large or even decisive influence on the atmosphere of any event. Therefore, in our store we have placed an assortment that will surely make each of them simply magical. On our pages you will find, among others, garlands, banners and cake toppers. As well as mugs, birthday candles, plates and party costumes. It is also known that no proper party can do without accessories such as confetti, balloons or hanging decorations. In turn, no birthday will be unique without items such as gift bags, numbers, birthday balloons and gift wraps. We have a really wide range of completely unique utensils that will make even a family dinner, anniversary or name day extraordinary. In turn, a garden party, a themed party or New Year's Eve will be a guarantee of truly champagne fun thanks to our products.

Wholesale of party gadgets and birthday decorations

PartyPal Party Gadgets is an online wholesaler of occasional articles different than any other. What makes us different from the competition? First of all, the very high quality and aesthetics of our assortment. Our articles have an individual character and charm. Their performance, in turn, is an example of a combination of good materials with beauty and attention to detail. Our accessories for a birthday party and others are characterized by beautiful colors, original shapes and functionality. And also durability, because quite a lot of them can be used more than once. Moreover - our decorations are completely friendly to the human body. They are neutral and free of any artificial colors or suspicious substances. Thanks to this, they are perfect, among others, as decorations for a child's birthday. They will also work well as elements of overall table compositions. You can easily combine them with dishes, tableware or room interiors. We have no doubts that thanks to their aesthetics and charm, they will be their most beautiful element. And they will certainly improve and enrich the final effect.

We make dreams of a perfect wedding, birthday, New Year's Eve, hen or bachelor party come true

At PartyPal, we wanted to not only sell to our clients good quality party gadgets. First of all, we wanted our assortment to provide people with joy, cheerfulness and an endless range of positive emotions. We know the power of beauty and we know how it can affect us. We also know what kind of atmosphere and atmosphere it can create, contained in seemingly small things, such as wedding, birthday or New Year's Eve decorations. Especially during such events as weddings or anniversaries, their role and importance cannot be overestimated. A properly prepared room, effective garlands, banners or streamers can make these moments, so important in life, magical. But also those of lower genre importance, such as Halloween, carnival or team-building games, will be full of delicious fun and pleasant memories. This is what we are thinking about carefully selecting the articles for our online service. We want them to be part of this extraordinary atmosphere and time when only good fun, mutual human kindness and joy counts.

PartyPal means good quality, professional service, fast shipping and hundreds of satisfied customers

Good quality occasional articles in our offer it is one thing. But this is definitely not our only advantage. We make every effort to ensure that the entire purchase process, and even placing a wholesale order, is also comfortable and efficient. That is why we took care of a friendly and comfortable website that allows you to quickly and conveniently search for the necessary articles. Also put them in the basket immediately. Its elegant and economical layout and precise descriptions allow you to focus your eyes on what is important. In turn, the precise search engine helps to find exactly what interests us; it will also propose some alternatives. For this purpose, we have also created precise categories that collect the appropriate assortment, plus a few special ones. These include bestsellers, new products and collections related to a specific occasion. Thanks to this, shopping with us is carried out in a convenient and legible way. And thanks to such amenities as modern payment methods and fast shipping, the ordered accessories reach you in no time. This is one of the reasons why our online warehouse can pride itself on a long list of satisfied and constantly returning customers.

Party decorations for various occasions

PartyPal is also, and perhaps above all, a very wide selection of ornaments, decorations and gadgets for virtually every type of event. We offer both accessories useful during classic wedding or birthday celebrations, as well as those gaining popularity, such as baby showers and hen or stag parties. We have classified literally hundreds of our articles into convenient and intuitive categories - collections. Not only depending on the type of decoration, but also the circumstances for which it will work. These are both thematic and occasional collections. Each of them is a comprehensive selection of accessories that constitute the basic equipment of a given party. These can be, for example, decorations for Valentine's Day, New Year or Christmas. But we also offer complete sets in a given color, with a specific theme or a preferred design. Here you can even list pink, blue and red dots, fruit, animals or emoticons. We are constantly working to adapt our selection to the constantly changing market. And at the same time - to offer our clients interesting market novelties.

Wholesaler of decorations and decorations for wedding halls

PartyPal is a place where both people looking for classic decorations and those who think about something in a rather modern style will find something for themselves. And of course, in both categories we offer you a good quality assortment. Our choice is the guaranteed success of any event or party. What we follow when adding accessories to our collection are a number of important parameters and properties. The first is aesthetics. We assume that occasional items simply have to be beautiful. This is why it should be given to a given celebration. The second important thing is durability. We are committed to offering durable and reusable gadgets. Anyone who professionally deals with interior design or organizing events will surely appreciate this feature. In addition, it is also important to us that our articles are as ecological as possible. That is why we try to offer items that are made of environmentally friendly materials. Or those that can be used more than once.